Where to travel in your private jet? 

Traveling is necessary, mainly for business purposes. But, sometimes also to visit relatives or simply to take a break from the day-to-day situation and work.  

At the moment, it is not easy to choose a destination to visit, as many countries are closed due to the current pandemic situation. But, if you’ve been thinking about taking a break from the routine, here’s a place you can visit. 

Find your private jet price with Elite Flight Club and visit this paradise. 

An ecological paradise in the Caribbean  

One of the countries that are currently open for travel purposes is the beautiful paradise of Costa Rica. And, Elite Flight Club has private jet hire internationally offers for you. So, you can choose this ecological utopia in Central America as your getaway location. 

Costa Rica is one of the countries in the Americas that has been the best dealing with the pandemic we are currently in. Its case numbers are as low as its restrictions. Of course, you will have to fulfill some requirements to be able to enter; however, it is not very complicated.  

The best thing is that in this country you can find many options of private hire cheap. So, it will be a win-win to choose this destination.  

The Dominican Republic is also one of the countries that are more open to foreign visitors. You only have to have a PCR test; you do not have to quarantine or comply with any other requirements.

Both options are Caribbean paradises that are worth taking your private jet and plan a trip to these amazing locations. 

Choose a safe destination and take a break 

If you are convinced to go to one of these places, you can count on us to offer you the cheapest private jet hire. So, stop wondering ‘where is a private jet rental near me?’ because, with Elite Flight Club, you will have the best service. 

Have a nice margarita in the Dominican Republic or enjoy the best beaches in Costa Rica. It’s up to you to choose the private jet service that best suits you, and you can start enjoying the benefits of flying privately, especially in times like these, where taking a regular airline is not the best option. 

Don’t wait any longer to try this service because you won’t regret it. Look for your private jet rental and travel to one of these paradises.