When you are chartering a private jet for the first time, it can be a fun yet stressful affair. There are several important things to remember when you are scheduling your flight. Before you even schedule your flight, you need to consider all of your needs. Are you flying alone, or with a large group? Are you flying nationally or internationally? Depending on your situation, the type of flight may need to change. For example, if you were flying a short 2 hour trip by yourself, it wouldn’t make sense to request a Midsize jet. All of these factors and more are important for you to consider when you are scheduling your flight.

        Once you have determined the type of flight that you need, you’ll have to book your flight. It might be useful to use an online flight price calculator, though it may not  be completely accurate. Instead, consider getting a quote from EliteFlightClub. Our company can give you an estimate quickly, and get you to your destination safely and on time. Contact us online @EliteFlightClub.org or call us at (212)-655-0561 to learn more or request a quote.