That is the question.
We are quickly and rapidly approaching the busiest time of year and Santa is ready to deliver the toys to good girls and boys, on a private jet. This Christmas make your family’s experience even better by using our charter jet service.

Here are some fun tips for using private charter jets this Christmas Season for your family and your business.

ONE – Take your family on a trip across the country to see the Christmas light displays. This is a super-fun way to enjoy time in the air and to show you care.

TWO – Plan a private Christmas trip with your Executive Board and make the experience fun with wine and food to show them you care.

THREE – Delivery toys to needy children around the country and show them the plane you used instead of a plain sleight.

We at Elite Flight Club are excited to provide our members with many perks, including “Custom Luggage” and discounts on hotels and more.
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