Please get to know Large private jets and their types 

Each type of private jet meets the unique needs of each client. Some customers need a more compact and straightforward plane for short trips, while others need something in the middle of the light and medium jets for better comfort. Finally, there is always that company or that person with a big work team that needs a larger option. 

For these cases, Large private jets are available to meet the space and capacity requirements you need.  

If you want to know more about these jets, here is all the information you need to have at hand. In Elite Flight Club, we want you to have the best flight options, and for that, we provide you with the best information.

Types of large private jets 

Large private jets are the most recommended for people who must travel from one continent to another or from one country to another in a limited time and for very long periods. Especially if traveling with a large workgroup. 

These models have ample storage capacity and provide high-quality comfort. 

If you are looking to boost your flying experience, count on Elite Flight Club to have the cheapest private jet hire; choose one of these models to start enjoying the best benefits that private jets have for you.

Super Large Jets 

Super Large Jets are suitable for intercontinental travel, offering maximum comfort and incredible overall performance. They have a capacity of up to 16 passengers and are very popular with long-haul jet charter customers.  

Super large jets are usually equipped with noise reduction systems, allowing passengers to enjoy maximum cabin quietness while experiencing the highest cruising speed of jets in their category. Some have optimized cabin pressure to reduce jet lag, allowing you to arrive rested and smoothly at your destinations.

Long Range Jets 

Long Range Jets are perfect for international flights, business trips, or vacations anywhere in the world. They are one of the most comfortable models and can have up to 19 passengers on board. 

Long Range jets live up to their name from 10 hours to 11 hours of traveling time by providing you with the best flying comfort. Spacious cabins, several seats, perfect to give you a unique travel experience as you have never experienced before.  

VIP Airliners 

Initially designed for commercial aviation, VIP Airliners offer superior capacity and more cabin and baggage space than any other luxury private jet available in the charter market. Thanks to its infinite variety of cabin configurations, the VIP Airliner can accommodate small groups of VIPs and heads of state or larger groups of more than 400 passengers. 

You can charter corporate jets that generally feature a VIP configuration designed for up to 19 passengers to travel in maximum comfort worldwide. Suppose you wish to hire a private jet for a larger group. In that case, there are corporate and business jet options with different configurations that represent a comfortable solution for a larger group.  

The truth is that with Elite Flight Club, you can get a wide range of options for the cheapest private jet hire and find the right jet for you.

Access to an exclusive experience with a large private jet 

We know how important it is to be comfortable when traveling, especially if the flight hours are long. And if you are traveling with a large team, you always want to provide the best comfort for them; that’s why we always try to keep you informed about the private jet world’s most essential details. 

We hope we have helped you with this information to find the right private jet option for you and your team. 

Why buy a seat on a private jet if you can have your large plane? Choose the right model for you now and start traveling with the highest quality that private jets have to offer.