You might think owning a private jet is affordable only if you are uber-wealthy. But you don’t need to own a jet when you can hire a private jet. You only have to look for an authentic service provider in the aviation industry, book a flight, and fly.The private jet price depends on various factors such as travel destination and conditions. For instance, traveling is restricted throughout the globe due to the pandemic. Business jet rental service providers have increased in numbers recently. And with the current pandemic situation, these businesses have become even more relevant. Private jet rental services are available locally. You can also go for a private jet hire international company. Where to Look for Private Jet Rental Near Me? The best way to find a private jet rental near you is to search for them online. There are numerous private jet rental companies on the internet. Netjets is one company that has its private jets for sale. You can also compare different companies based on private jet rental pricing. Because the private jet price list is hefty, have you thought about charter jet private hire cheap option? You can look for the most affordable private jet hire instead of fading your traveling needs away. You can fly on a private jet of these private jet rental companies. You can also go for private jet empty legs and complete your trip for some additional fee. The most important thing is to estimate the costs appropriately. And for that, you need to have a charter flight cost calculator with you. There are hundreds of these service providers online, and choosing the right one can become overwhelming. You can conveniently compare the private jet rental prices with this cost calculator’s help and make the right decision.How Much Will It Cost?In a simple word, the cost of a private jet charter rental is around $2000 to $10,000, which is charged at billable flight hours. The hourly rates are based on a variety of factors associated with the aircraft type. You can either go for a turboprop or an acceptable quality executive jet. Additionally, some other essential factors influence these hours rates, as well. Luxurious charter jets cost more than $10,000. You might think about buying a private jet for sale rather than paying for these private jet rental companies. But you can find some best private jet rental companies.Of course, that would be a better deal because you will have to buy a seat on a private jet instead of purchasing the entire plane. Benefits of Flying PrivatelyOne of the primary benefits of flying privately is getting highly personalized service. It is one of the biggest reasons why people hire charter jets. Another advantage is the flight reservation on demand. As you know, a commercial flight passenger has to wait for 3 hours before departure for an international flight whereas approx 90 minutes before a domestic take-off. You need to reach 15 minutes before departure to complete immigration, custom, and boarding procedures. Imagine how much time you can save with private jet travel.Moreover, you don’t have to go for awkward commercial flight times. You can book a flight time according to your schedule. That’s ideal for business executives who want to use their time efficiently. You can get a cost estimation from the service provider once you have given your approval. You can also get any upgrades if available. You will be given all the details about the plane and your pilot as soon as you approve. There are no delays, hidden charges of any kind, mostly the case if you are going for a quality service provider. And there are not many you can find on the internet. Therefore, choosing the right private jet rental service provider is vital.Why Choose EFC?Elite Flight Club (EFC) provides charter flights on private jets in almost every corner of the world. With our assistance, you can arrange a private flight from any major city across the globe. Plus, you can go for any aircraft size or type as well. EFC has been born out of the need for an honest and passionate broker. Its high-quality services quickly make its name in the industry and become one of the top private jet charter service providers. EFC has set high ethical and safety standards for all its clients. The expert team of aviation provides impeccable services based on transparency and competence. And this is all because they know it’s all of “Elite” important. Membership Benefits There are various benefits of using the services of EFC for private jet rentals. These 12-month membership perks and benefits will include, • Monthly live group call for coaching. • Monthly 1-on-1call to sale road map (including accountability and activation). • Quarterly Mastermind Business Intensive for one day. • Each time a different location and more opportunity to grow your network. • Being part of a community of similar-minded people. Private Facebook and Whatsapp groups. • Additionally, you can also join the Jet Card Membership of EFC for guaranteed availability throughout the year. You won’t have to deal with any hidden costs or long-term commitments with this Jet Card. • You can also use emergency charter flights to ensure that you arrive at your destination as quickly as possible. Keep in Mind!When you are hiring a private jet rental service, you need to keep in mind this is your jet, and you won’t have to wait for any security lines. EFC will deal with all of that for you.You will have to go through customs in case of private flights. You will prioritize all the commercial flights and get a chance to go right to the front of the line. Some flights also fulfill special requests such as Wi-Fi or pets. But you have to request such services during your booking process. And of course, there will be additional charges for such services. So, keep all your needs and requirements in your mind when looking to hire a private jet.