Sharing my story on the biggest stage of my life.

When I landed the cover & article in Soul Central Magazine I didn’t know at the time it would lead to this.

When I was asked to speak at the awards ceremony I was honored. 

In front of 100 hiphop artists & rappers & other influencers in the business around 1000 guests in total I shared my story. 

I’m always so inspired by the positive feedback & support I receive every time I speak pubkically.

I’ve met some amazing people some of which are now asking me to do interviews on their radio shows & even landed a role in a film. Also proud to announce that the Wu Tang Clan is new members of EliteFlightClub.

Even Mrs Holyfield personally complimented me after my speech.

You never know who’s heart your gonna touch & change their lives for the better. I know mine surely was.

Thank you @goglobalorstaylocal & @soulcentralmagazine for this opportunity of a lifetime. I am truely grateful.

Miss Cheryl Jacobs 🌹❤️

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