Private charter during the Coronavirus outbreak

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a significant rise in demand for short notice on-demand private jet charter, relating to the Coronavirus, or COVID-19

Farnborough terminal & aircraft steps 
Initially enquiries were focussed on evacuations from South East Asia and other affected areas, but increasingly we are now seeing clients looking to take a private flight between a variety of global destinations, to avoid exposure to crowds in airliner cabins and moving through main airport terminals. In many cases these are passengers who don’t usually fly by private aviation, but are looking to protect themselves, their families and employees.

However any short term increase in flight demand is obviously balanced with longer term concerns and challenges, including the impact on the global economy.
Along with the whole travel industry, at EliteFlightClub we are taking this situation extremely seriously. Our Safety Officers in Europe and the US are working closely with our teams and our operator suppliers, so that we can continue to keep clients moving as much as we possibly can – while taking every possible precaution to protect the safety and health of both passengers and crews.

All the aircraft that we charter from operators within our parent group Directional Aviation, have been deep cleaned with an industrial anti-viral disinfectant which gives lasting protection, and are additionally disinfected between each flight. Each aircraft is equipped with a protective healthcare and sanitary equipment kit for passengers and crew, should it be required. The health of crew members is being monitored very closely, including temperature checks before every flight.

The operational logistics of flying in or out of affected areas is now highly complex, with availability of aircraft and crews making it more challenging to fulfil requests in some areas, or longer turnaround times than usual. Operational protocols are changing daily, it’s a very fluid situation, which we are monitoring closely, following advice from governments, health and aviation authorities. For the latest official updates and advice on please see the World Health Organisation website.

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