Choose from Various Private Jets
When you opt for private jet charter you have a mountain of choices before you. The beauty of private charter is that you can adjust your aircraft for each journey, tailoring it to your needs. But how can you take full advantage of this and find the best private jet for your next flight?

In some cases, the answer is obvious. For example, if you’re flying to small tropical islands, the tiny runways may only be able to handle a turboprop. So, in some instances, your hands are tied and the decision is a straightforward one.

But what about the middling journeys where more than one jet would do the trick? Here are some tips to help you make the right choice next time you hire a private jet:

Count Your Passengers
This should be the starting block for any journey, as it will immediately begin to shape the best jet category for your charter flight.

Business people next to a jet. Know how many passengers will be traveling to choose a jet that’s comfortable
Here’s a simple table to help you choose the right jet type based on the number of passengers:

Aircraft Type Number of Passengers
Very Light Jet 2-4
Light Jet 6-7
Super Light Jet 7-8
Midsize Jet 8-9
Super Midsize Jet 8-10
Large Jet 10-16
Ultra Long Range Jet 12-16 

Research the Destination
Private Jet Airport RunwayThe length between take-off and landing will play a huge role in deciding the best private jet
Range and jet types are strongly linked, so the length between take-off and landing will play a huge role in deciding the best private jet for you to charter.

How many nautical miles will you have to cover? Will you be able to stop to refuel, or are you aiming for a direct flight? How big is the runway at your destination, and can it accommodate your aircraft?

These are some of the key aspects to think about when choosing the right private jet to charter.

Consider Your Priorities
Luggage next to private jetDetermine how much luggage will need to be transported
Each passenger is different. Do you want the cheapest price possible or the ultimate luxury? Will you be carrying a modest suitcase, or extra-large luggage such as a set of golf clubs? And do you want a flight attendant to wait on you, or is that something you see as expendable?

Take some time to think about what you want from your flight. For example, flight attendants are standard in midsize jet categories and above. That can add significant cost to your journey. You can discuss all of these options with our team, and we can help you make an informed decision.

Check Out Your Options
Once you’ve narrowed down the type of jet you require for your journey, you’ll be shown a series of options that all fit your needs. In some cases, there may only be a single jet that fits the bill. Usually, there will be a handful.

Firstly, you may have a preference – and that’s completely fine. For instance, perhaps you’ve always wanted to fly in a Gulfstream G500. Our team will always talk you through the most practical options, but your journey is unique to you and should meet your expectations.

If you’re flexible, we’ll recommend a number of aircraft and you can take your pick. Let’s say you have seven or eight passengers for a three-hour journey. We may recommend a couple of midsize jets such as the Hawker 800 and the Citation XLS.

The Hawker has a higher range (1,850 nm vs 2,300 nm), but the Citation has a higher speed (400 kts vs 420 kts). Both jets fit the journey requirements, so the choice is yours.

Whatever your travel needs our specialists are standing by 24/7 to answer all your questions in making sure your next flight is comfortable.

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