Private Jet

As you might imagine, there definitely isn’t a single answer to the question “how much does a private jet cost to rent?” 

The exact price that you are quoted will depend on all manner of factors, such as the type, size and availability of the aircraft that you are looking to rent. You’ll also need to think about the journey distance, refuelling costs, crew salaries and the amount of luggage involved… and this isn’t even an exhaustive list. 

It all means that until you actually contact a private charter specialist like Elite Flight Club, we can only be vague about how much you can expect your flight to cost. 

A good approximate figure, however, is between $3,000 and $6,000 per hour. This does, though, still leave a lot of important questions unanswered about the exact cost of renting a private jet. 

What else do I need to consider? 

As we mentioned above, there are factors other than the aforementioned that can greatly impact on the cost of private jet charter. These include the likes of airport landing and handling fees, repositioning costs and the number of passengers who will be on the flight. 

Bear in mind, too, that many of these factors can be interdependent on each other. If you wish to travel a longer distance or there will be a large number of people in your travelling party, you can expect to need to pay for a bigger jet. There is, however, another way to reduce the costs of private jet charter: becoming a member of Elite Flight Club. Join today, and we can show you the possibilities for achieving remarkable savings compared to booking directly. Simply call us now, on 212-655-0561, for more information.