​Along with the initiation of their private charter jet flight service, Elite Flight Club is very pleased to announce a launch party for their new service. This party will be held on May 8, 2019 beginning at 6-8PM in the Lobby (Bellini?) Bar at Mr. C’s Seaport Hotel located at 33 Peck Slip in the historic South Street Seaport in New York City.

​We are featuring an open bar and anyone who attends this launch party will receive a 50 percent discount off a new membership with Elite Flight Club. Also, Mr. C’s Seaport Hotel will be offering our clients the following discounts and bonuses when you attend this Elite Flight Club launch party and book a room with Mr. C’s: Elite Flight Club Members will be entitled to added amenities. 

If you and your company have any interest at all in joining the rapidly growing business trend of private charter jet air travel, we strongly encourage you to attend this Elite Flight Club launch party. If you are used to traditional air travel with commercial airlines, and all the hassles, delays, and inconvenience of big airports and long, long lines, we have some pleasant surprises for you. Come and let us explain just how fast, convenient, relaxing and hassle-free private jet charter flights are. If you have never used private jet charters before, you owe it to yourself find out what a pleasure first-class air travel can be. Here is just a short list of advantages with Elite Flight Club:

➢ No large airports, large parking lots, large terminals, long lines or TSA.

➢ No long time delays or hassles getting you and your luggage on a huge plane.

➢ Fly direct from your nearest business airport to your business destination.

➢ Travel relaxed in an uncrowded jet, with just yourself and your business team.

➢ Work on your business projects, or polish your sales approach while en route.

➢ Arrive refreshed and focused, ready to have a successful business day.

Don’t miss this special event, and learn about a whole new way to fly. To reserve your place, or for more information, sign up here:


Looking forward to meeting you.

Cheryl Jacobs, Owner/Pilot