Business to Business (B2B) Jet Travel 2019

If you have not yet taken a charter business jet on one of your business trips, you will be amazed at how convenient, efficient and effective modern jet charters are. A comparison between old airline travel, and new charter jet service, will explain what we mean.
If you have been using the airlines for your business trips, then you are well familiar with the drill and hassles. You arrive at a large metro airport, complete with huge parking lots or garages. You take the crowded shuttle bus to the large airline terminal where you wait in a long line at the ticket counter, check your baggage, or lug it to the overhead bin. Next you go through the hassles with the large crowds and the TSA. When you finally get to your gate, you wait for another 30-45 minutes, get in another long boarding line, and then go through the congested ceremony of what some call “packing the aluminum tube”—the plane. At least you made it into the plane, and have a seat. Then there is the wait for the “push back” from the gate, and a long line of airliners waiting on the taxiway for clearance just to take off. And if you have a connecting flight, you get to go through most of this hassle again. There is nothing convenient or efficient about airline travel for business people.
Now, imagine you are taking a charter jet flight. By contrast, this is soooo much simpler. First of all, whenever possible, jet charters operate out of smaller business airports, so takeoffs and landings are faster. Where ever possible, charter jets avoid large “airline” airports like JFK, Newark, La Guardia, O’Hare and LAX. But even when charter jets have to use large airports, they always use small private jet terminals that are easy-in, easy-out.  
With our charter jets, all you have to do is arrive 10-15 minutes before your flight: no shuttle buses, long lines, crowds or TSA. We load your baggage for you. You and your business partners simply board our jet. We fire up the engines, taxi out and take off. Best of all, your flight is direct to a business airport that is as close as possible to your business destination–no connecting flights. When you arrive, we help you with ground transport, or your business contacts can pick you up at our small business jet terminal. All of this cuts way down on the time you actually spend traveling. You arrive with much less hassle, more relaxed, and ready for what really matters–business. It doesn’t get any more convenient or efficient than that. That’s why more and more businesses every day are using jet charter service. 
So again, if you have never experienced the pleasure of charter jet travel, let us show you how refreshing, relaxing, convenient and efficient B2B charter jets are. Just contact us at Elite Flight Club now at 212-655-0561 or email: We can help you put together your next business flight. The difference will truly amaze you.