If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What are charter flights, anyway?”, allow us to give you the rundown of what you need to know about this exceedingly rewarding way to travel. 

Charter vs commercial flights 

Charter flights are unscheduled flights that are not part of the regular routing offered by commercial airlines. 

So whereas with a commercial scheduled flight, for example, you are basically just purchasing individual seats on the plane, when you charter a flight, you are effectively renting the entire aircraft. 

That has certain implications for the experience that you have. Commercial air travel is associated with all manner of inconveniences, ranging from queues and security screenings to malfunctioning baggage carousels and having to arrive hours before your flight. 

By contrast, private jet charter enables you to fly almost anywhere you wish to go – even destinations not covered by commercial airlines’ schedules – and at times to suit you. You don’t even have to queue, and you can book relatively late, compared to many of the commercial alternatives. 

But isn’t there a difference between public and private charter flights? 

This is true; private charter flights are not the only type of charter flights. Many air carriers offer public charter flights on a seasonal basis, operating on limited schedules, such as once or twice a week. 

This type of charter flight is popular among holidaying Europeans in such countries as the UK and Germany, travelling to summer getaways like Sardinia, Sicily and Palma de Mallorca. 

A public charter flight, then, is not quite the same as the typical commercial scheduled flight. However, it also by no means gives you the same control, convenience and opulence that a private charter flight does.Would you like to make the most of private charter flights for your own travelling? If so, don’t hesitate to join Elite Flight Club, so that you can experience flying at its very best.