A to Z of Private Planes
When it comes to private aviation, we often like to talk in numbers. From how much a private jet costs, to how fast can it fly, how far can it fly, how big is the cabin – we often find ourselves spending a lot of time talking in digits.
But words are just as important and our team of AvGeeks seem to spend the majority of their day speaking in a whole other language: aviation terms.
So we wondered, what would the alphabet look like if it was done by aviation enthusiasts? After much debate, we came up with the alphabet of private planes, from A to Z.
AIRPORT: Did you know that private jets can use ten times more airports than airliners? A to Z of private jets_400x820
BIZAV: Short for “business aviation,” a common abbreviation which refers to the private aviation industry.
CHARTER: On demand private jet flights, offering more flexibility and value than ownership or fractional programs.
DOGS: Man’s best friend & other pets can fly with owners in the cabin on a private jet.
EMPTY LEG: Also known as a “dead leg,” the repositioning private jet flight offered at a significant discount.
FBO: The private jet terminal at the airport (short for ‘Fixed Based Operator’).
GULFSTREAM G650: The world’s fastest & furthest private jet.
HELICOPTER: Fly in to remote spots or short transfers.
INTERIORS: From boardrooms to bedrooms, showers to dishwashers, the sky’s the limit on private jets.
JETIQUETTE: A guide to the do’s & don’ts of private jet travel.
KING AIR: The turboprop is a popular private aircraft.
LEARJET: The original purpose-built private jet, first launched in 1963.
MACH: Aircraft speed measure, meaning its relationship to the speed of sound.
NOTAM: An alert to pilots from the aviation authority (short for Notice To Airmen).
ONLINE: In recent years private jet booking has been transformed by new technology, making it faster & easier to book.
PRICES: More transparency & market competition means prices for private charter are coming down.
QUALITY: Argus & Wyvern ratings make it easier to choose a quality aircraft operator.
RUNWAY: Smaller aircraft require less runway length to take off or land, enabling them to reach more airports.
SUPER BOWL: One of the world’s biggest events for private jet travel.
TAIL NUMBER: Unique global identifier for each aircraft, like a car registration.
UNIFORM: Private jet pilots always wear a uniform on duty. Look out for four stripes for the Captain, three for the First Officer.
VIP: Private jet travel is all about bespoke customer service, from the catering to the champagne.
WINDOWS: Designed to flood the cabin with light, private jets offer innovative window design.
XLS: The world’s bestselling private jet aircraft is Cessna’s Citation XLS.
YACHTS: Pair a yacht charter with a private jet for the ultimate private travel experience.
ZULU: Aviation terminology, meaning Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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