Family walking towards a private jet

We are excited to be offering this state of the art membership program to you for all of your flights inside of the USA. Our membership program not only gives you access to the private charter jets you need, but we also provide our Elite Members with many perks along the way like hotel and attraction discounts. Our mission is to offer these experiences to everyone, so that flying in a private charter jet is not just something reserved for the Rich and Famous, but is an experience for many types of people. We have made it truly a fun process for anyone who wants to always have the best.

1) TIME IS MONEYFlying Private saves you a great deal of time over flying commercial. This allows you to make more deals in the time you save. All the time saved gives you a great deal more productivity. You also save time with unnecessary layovers. You also fly to large cities and may have to drive from there with commercial. In private you are able to land in smaller airports closer to your actual destination.

2) FLEXIBILITY OF PRIVATE CHARTERSWhether your flight is a last minute trip or planned months in advance you will never find the flexibility in commercial flights that you do with private. You can even make last minute changes in mid-apron private. This allows you to prepare for your presentations along the way.

3) PRIVACY OF CONDUCTING BUSINESS MEETINGSPrivacy of conducting your meetings with your team is a huge bonus when flying private. It’s impossible to hold such meetings on a commercial flight. Private charters are comfortable and quiet. Most private planes carry WiFi installed and seating to accommodate your meetings.

4) ACCESS TO SMALLER AIRPORTSCommercial flights only are able to land large aircraft at larger airports. Private jets are small enough to land in almost all airports which will make your travel to your destination much quicker.

5) PROJECT THE IMAGE OF SUCCESSArriving to your business meetings in a private jet conveys the message to your clients that your business is highly successful.

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