private jet flying through a dusky sky

10) Innovation

Innovation has caused companies to come up with Jet  
cards. Some have even sold them on Amazon by creating a Visa or MasterCard which gives you up to 30% discount on flights.


The Jet leaders went into WIFI battle with Jet Card guarantees. Some even created a Jet Card you build on it’s website. Others created programs to have WIFI all across it’s fleet.

8) Bankrupcy

Zetta Jet filed for Chapter 11 which left it’s suppliers & clients that bought prepaid programs out of their cash. Go beyond a shiny website before you purchase.

7) Safety

No accidents were reported last year. It was its safest year year yet.

6) Investment

In 2017 Vista Jet & WheelsUp invested over 500 Million. Some private jet co’s over a billion.

4) Membership Fees

You pay an initiation fee or monthly fee to become a member.

3) Turboprop & Pistons

Flights have been converted to Turboprops & Piston airplanes bringing the price down to under 2K an hour.

2) Fixed Market Pricing

You can pay a fixed charge now over operator rate for an on-demand charter.

1) Demand for a Jet card 

In 2017 there was a 79% increase in new programs.

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